Against COVID

Due to the pandemic, my husband has been unemployed in recent months. The family income has plummeted. Staying at home for a long time, we have conflict because of minor issues. These pressures are overwhelming. Anything can help with me?

During the pandemic, all the industries in Hong Kong are affected. I hope you understand that your husband does not want the current situation to happen. Knowing that the family has various expenses every day, the reduction of income is indeed worrying, and it is easy for both parties to have frictions on small things. I suggest that you two sit down calmly and discuss the current financial situation of the family and adjust the expenditure. You should understand that you are under pressure, and your husband is also under pressure. His pressure comes from caring for the family. Don't blame him. No matter how bad the environment is, the whole family must find ways to solve it together. If there are economic difficulties, there are different resources in the society that can help you. You can consider the integrated family service centre near your home for assistance. Or each of you find some work to help the family. Face the adversity with a positive attitude, and the difficulties will be overcome.

Source: Ms. Lok, Social Work Consultant, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society