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Against COVID

I have suspended classes and stayed at home. I am worried that my studies cannot catch up with the progress. What should I do?

I appreciate you attach importance to your studies. Students, let us distinguish between what can be controlled and what cannot be controlled first.

Things you can control:

1. It is recommended that you can review any subjects with poor grades at home, review them during this time, and solve the problems. If you don’t understand, you can ask others or teachers to establish your foundation in these subjects!

2. For things in the new semester, if you don’t understand, you can search it online. For the same topic, the teachings you see on the Internet may make you understand better. Search for the same topic repeatedly will also make you more familiar with the topic!

3. Create a study schedule, and study in the most spiritual moments of the day. Create a daily routine can make you feel more at ease and make your learning more organised!

Bear in mind that there are many things beyond our control. We cannot control the suspension of classes or stop the epidemic.

What we can do is to do our best and forget unnecessary worries. Just "try to do" and find "satisfaction" from it.

Source: Ms. Fung, Youth Services Social Worker, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society