HKFWS reaches youngsters in their campuses. With the aim of "strengthening families", we provide professional counselling service to nurture youngsters’ holistic development. Stepping into the Generation Z, youngsters indulge in internet, which creates family conflicts and parenting problems. Our social workers help youngsters facilitate their communications with parents and relieve family tension to promote mutual respect and understanding among family members.

Online Learning

Due to the pandemic, schools arranged their students to take online classes most of the time last year. I found that the academic performance of my children has been affected. In the new academic year, it is expected that the arrangement of online classes will continue. How can I help my children prepare for the new academic year and enhance their interest in learning?

Long-term online learning mode is a great challenge for students to concentrate and be self-disciplined. Many students fail to complete their homework without guidance from their teachers, and some will have learning problems unresolved. Parents have to spend more time in understanding their children’s learning progress, guiding them to develop good discipline, allocating enough time for doing homework and revision every day, and advising them to ask their teachers or classmates questions on their studies before their problems getting worse. In addition, you can also use games (such as quizzes) to stimulate their interest in learning.

Source: Ms. Li, Social Worker, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society