HKFWS reaches youngsters in their campuses. With the aim of "strengthening families", we provide professional counselling service to nurture youngsters’ holistic development. Stepping into the Generation Z, youngsters indulge in internet, which creates family conflicts and parenting problems. Our social workers help youngsters facilitate their communications with parents and relieve family tension to promote mutual respect and understanding among family members.

Online Learning

My children take long hours of online classes. They told me they felt exhausted and their eyes were tired. Are there any tips for eye protection and relaxation?

Last year, most of the students in Hong Kong attended online classes. Chances of adapting to the new campus and curriculum have been reduced drastically It is understandable that students feel lonely or confused about learning. Parents can accompany them to prepare for the new academic year, for example, by buying new stationery and reading new textbooks together to get them ready for the new learning journey and enhance their motivation to go to school.

In addition, parents can also make good use of pictures from the school website to help their children familiarize themselves with the campus environment. You can also tell them after attending physical classes, they can join their classmates in extra-curricular activities such as playing music and doing physical exercises. To cultivate good interpersonal relations and get used to new campus life, parents can encourage children to be proactive in greeting their principals, teachers, and classmates.

Source: Ms. Wong, Social Worker, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society Net Education and Counselling Service