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I find my son/daughter suffer from emotional issues after I got a divorce. They are very depressed. I worry about him/her very much!

Divorce like a thunderstorm which easily devastates one’s emotion, thinking, life and relationships. Parents will easily feel worried when they find children do not smile and hide themselves frequently.

Rainbow appears after rain. Let us share a case here.

“Is the tug-of-war between my father and mother yet over?” This is a question which children from a divorce family always ask themselves. If they tell their mother that they like father, mother would not feel happy. Sometimes, it will be the vice versa case. Children will turn to one side and hate the opposite side confronting this complicated situation. Imagine if a kid always expresses hatred to the others, he or she will not feel happy. If a kid needs to make a serious decision, he or she will not be relaxed.

To end the tug-of-war between the parents, it is not solely to disconnect their relations and parents have to realise that they are now the two different individuals for their children. Though they are not good companions but does not mean that they are not good parents. They should grasp any opportunities to accompany their children.

If you have any difficulties in handling divorce family matters, please contact our Family Resource Centre and Parent-child Connect Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre to apply for “離途同行”  and the Parade of Lights – Pilot Project on “Child-focused” Intervention Programme for Children Facing Parental Conflicts / Separation or Divorce respectively. 

Should you need assistance, please contact our Family Resource Centre and Parent-child Connect Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre.

Source: Ms Chan, Social Work Worker, Family Resource Centre of Hong Kong Family Welfare Society