Against COVID

Under the pandemic, the children are staying at home because of the class suspension. They become inattentive and undisciplined in learning. They feel bored but I am busy with housework and working at home. I feel fidgety and easy to scold. The

Under the continuing epidemic, "studying at home with class suspension" is a new experience and challenge for children and parents. Children do not have a physical school learning environment, classroom routines, teachers and peers to learn. It is not easy for children to stay at home alone and learn actively. Parents need to understand their children’s needs and difficulties and help them to create a learning environment at home. For example, let the children choose a specific place at home, which can distinguish the time and place for learning and playing. It can help them to set up an appropriate work and rest area, even if it is a small desk. They will also develop their creativity to design their learning and game environment. This can enhance their interest and motivation to establish a routine of work and rest at home.

Parents can make good use of this opportunity. When the children do not have too much homework, examinations and tests, you can let them train for some life skills. In the way of playing games, they can learn to clean their beds, do housework, and be a little chef to make lunch with family. You can also make your own storybook, share your mood under the epidemic and how to face it positively. Also, you can set a favourite learning theme, collect relevant data and make reports, etc. This can make your life become full and interesting. Doing exercise regularly can enhance parent-child interactions and make the mood more relaxed, which can help improve resilience.

Source: Ms. Lok, Social Work Consultant, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society